What happens on cold long weekeds

Well nothing actually happened, the very brief time that I was outside on saturday made my eyeballs freeze, thus making the weeping angels practically harmless for me (wink wink at any Dr. Who fans out there). -35 C is no joke.
So I stayed indoors sketching and overthinking: the normal.
Poor little plain moleskine had to take some watercolour abuse. I do own a watercolour pocket moleskine which for reasons unknown I never use.



The not so little mermaid


    I was going through some old pocket sketchbooks of mine. So many little sketches I intended to paint and never did.

    It’s never the same when you go back to something a year or two later. A different emotional state is always an indicator of a different outcome. Sometimes it shows how far you’ve come and sometimes that you have not moved at all. And in this particular case…well, I just have no clue.

Well hello there 2016


    I’m not good at New Year’s resolutions, which might subsequently mean I’m good at not breaking promises made to myself.
I do get nostalgic after a few glasses of champagne,  start looking at the past years starting at a random arbitrary year and counting down to the year that just passed.  Useless exercise to be honest, but it fills you with warm memories and  tingly regrets.
    The only thing I’ve learned so far is to avoide “what if”  moments. Those have the nasty tendency to linger and haunt you for as long as they can.
Let it be an exciting and fulfilling one with very very few what ifs.

Very Sloppy watercolor sketches

Guilty as charged!

Monte Carlo was too beautiful not to try. However we practically had  no time, it was a day trip after all, there were too many people, no place to sit comfortably, paints dropping, sketchbooks dropping holly mess of a process. Not happy  with the outcome, but it is what it is…

montecarlo_watercolor sketch (2)montecarlo_watercolor sketch

Futuristic Shopping pavilions : such a contrast compared to the old colourful historical city. They look a lot more like spaceships a lot less like mushrooms in reality.