To each upside, there’s a spider

About living alone
The upside and downside of living alone

Not having to wear clothes at all times is possibly the most enjoyable side of living alone. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, maybe not.  On the other hand, spiders turned out to be a much bigger issue than poison apples and wormholes. The first time I encountered one in the bathroom after moving out I almost checked into a hotel. I’m still not sure what the protocol is for “there’s a spider and I cannot ask dad to deal with it” situations. Hairspray?

Stray thoughts: I’m learning the art of selfies, and by that I mean maybe by 2017 I’ll be able to take one  photo that doesn’t make me look like I’m 90% nose, and doesn’t make everyone else wonder how I don’t tip forward while walking. I’ll let you in on a secret It’s all about conterbalance. #armenianproblems