A bit of a belated post. I’m currently very very sick and unable to take a day off because I have multiple deadlines coming up  for the next 2 weeks. So just let me reminisce about the fun wine tasting tour we took with a friend, which pretty much felt just like the picture.

I learned few things:

1) Swirling the glass releases the smell

2) White wine should only be held with two fingers by the glass stem because your body heat is enough to mess with the perfectly chilled temp of the white wine, duh. Well, to be honest, I highly doubt white wine served at a generic bar or restaurant is chilled to the perfect 45°F/7°C so I probably didn’t miss out on much before I learned this

3) Vines require a lot of care such as cutting off excessive fruit to maintain the test. according to out tour guide in one of the wineries,  Robots are not smart enough for this yet, but since we’ve all seen terminator we know that’s not going to be an issue for long.

3) You might be the most boring tour guide but flexing your muscles demonstratively for a tour group of females  will make 80% of them giggle and ignore the fact that you have no sense of humour or ability to present information,  unless “here’s your wine drink it ” counts as a presentation skill.

Well, that was about it. I think i got sick during the trip.  Every good thing comes with a cost right?

Sleepless in Côte d’Azur


We have a funny dynamic. Funny but functional.
When Leen is tired and lethargic I’m full of energy and ready to conquer the world. When I start getting drowsy she becomes hyper. This helped  us maintain a certain average energy level for the duration of the trip. It also created quite a few funny moments.

On a side note I had never seen water that blue, but it took a bit more time for my enthusiasm to kick in.